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Welcome to GamePit!

We are thrilled to share our all new gaming platform and lifestyle website with you! At GamePit, you can play HQ games online from any device you own. If your device connects to the Internet and has a browser, you can play our games - it's that simple! No downloading, no updating, all action!

We have a wide variety of exciting games in various categories for you to choose from. While we are scaling up this platform, we already have a few titles for you to check out. Eventually, we will maintain a highly curated list of 50+ games for you to explore. GamePit games are free to play, and always will be. Also, our games DO NOT have those pesky in-game advertisements!

Our blog, PitStop, is a one-stop destination for your ultimate gaming lifestyle. It is THE place to find the latest news, offers, updates and insights from the world of gaming and related technologies. Don't forget to subscribe to PitStop to get all these goodies straight in your email. We post several times a week, and trust us, you don't want to miss out on all the action.

So kick back, and enjoy the GamePit experience!

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